Co-creating high potential cloud ventures with ambitious entrepreneurs and teams
We work with early stage technology startups on the commercialisation, product build, entrepreneurial development and growth strategy thus increasing the value of the Venture through each step of the process.

We focus on European cloud technology startups and business domain expert founder(s) who are specialised and knowledgeable in their industry.

We work with our Ventures on identifying blockages with the product-market fit and help address these issues using a network of highly skilled experts to support fast-tracking Venture development and efficient use of capital.

We invest through our network of angel investors via our Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP).

We partner with technology experts that help provide highly skilled Cloud design, system architecture and software development resources with a focus on usability, innovation and scalability of technology products.
How we work
Together we form a multi-disciplinary team of business, design and technology experts who work in collaboration with your business to build your first MVP.

A key differentiator compared to traditional technology investment firms. Learn more about our product development approach. 

Our startup process

Stage 1: Problem-Solution Fit (validation)
  • What problem is being solved by the proposed solution.
  • Building the technical assets required to on-board early adaptors e.g. Wireframes, Proof of Concept, Prototypes.
Stage 2: Product-Market Fit
  • Building MVP (Minimum Viable Products) based on outputs from Stage 1
  • On-boarding paying customers
  • Agile approach to MVP build and lean approach to market fit.
Stage 3: Building Customer Traction / Business Model Development
  • Executing Go-To-Market Strategy and building customer base.
  • Development of Technology Roadmap based on customer inputs.

Our startup approach

We are expanding our investor network through the introduction of the Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP) – a Limited Partnership structure.

To date Zoosh Ventures have invested in our Portfolio companies along with a small network of European angel investors and public funding.  

Our investments include

  1. Early Seed for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Build and
  2. Mid-Seed or High Potential Startup (HPSU) investments for those Startups demonstrating customer traction post MVP build phase. These investment types can be co-investments with private investors are public bodies.


The ZIP works with a number of early stage technology startups on the commercialisation, product build, entrepreneurial development and growth strategy thus increasing the value of the Venture through each step of the process.

Investor benefits include

  • De-risking a high risk sector by investing in a range of technology startups with a structured approach of highly skilled & experience Zoosh team.
  • Venture club
  • Due Diligence process – i.e. regular reporting on how each Startup is progressing through the process.
  • Succession Planning – the ability to make follow on investments in subsequent rounds
  • Deal Flow


  • Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP) is Zoosh’s first external fund – focused on High Net Worth individuals, family corporate vehicles and wealth management companies.
  • Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP) is structured as a limited partnership with the investors (as limited partners) pursuant to the Limited Partnerships Act 1907.
  • The ZIP will provide Early stage funding for High Potential European Technology/Cloud Startups
  • It provides exposure to a diverse portfolio (target 8-14 separate startup investments)
  • Portfolio approach offers high potential diversification to investors.
  • Zoosh’s experience, hands-on approach and wide range of skills helps de-risk and improve the potential returns through active portfolio management.
  • No annual management fees – profit share only after return of initial investors capital.
  • Returns will be realised over a period of 5-6 years through sales of the Partnership’s equity investments (these returns may comprise both cash from sales & pro-rata equity stakes in some portfolio companies).
  • Offer ZIP LPs the right to make follow-on investments in subsequent funding rounds for Portfolio companies where practical.
  • Legal Advisors Mason Hayes & Curran (
  • Corporate Finance Advisors RBK (


De-risk by focusing on:

  • B2B Cloud (SaaS) Startups
  • Learning early about Product, Market and Entrepreneur/Team – through milestone based process
  • Domain Expert/Commercial Founders
  • Constant Validation
  • Problem-Solution Fit (Feasibility)
  • Product-Market Fit (building the right product)
  • Scalable Business Model
  • Milestone Based Investments
  • Deliverables around traction – paid pilots through proven customer acquisition model
  • Increasing Company valuation through each Phase
  • Efficient use of funds by phased & parallel focus on Commercials & Technology

Our Ventures
IDASO (Innovative Data Solutions) is a pioneer in the area of services and software driven data analysis, supported by computer vision & machine learning technology.

Predominantly supporting the Traffic & Transportation analysis industries to date, IDASO have developed a suite of software services and platform to collect, process, analyze and store up to date and real-time crucial data for their clients in a more effective streamlined manner.
Xtract is a Claims Handling tool for the auto insurance industry that aggregates and visualises crash data. The software captures crash data at FNOL (First Notice of Loss) - the first report made to insurance provider - and delivers actionable insights to claim handlers enabling swift liability decision, fraud deflection and vehicle damage triage.
Tixserve is a B2B Cloud “white label” digital fulfillment platform (for any business that sells tickets), which enables secure distribution, new customer engagement and commerce opportunities.

Clients benefit from reduced fulfillment costs, fraud prevention and track-and-trace technology enabling full ticket control by event organisers and rights owners. Interactive digital ticket also generates new mobile commerce revenues
Occupop is all-in-one recruitment solution to attract and manage the best candidates for an organisation. The Occupop solution is smart, fast and cost effective for HR and Hiring Managers.

Its applicant tracking software uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and automation to dramatically reduce recruitment cost and time.
Kyzentree helps clients optimise their manual assembly production lines using innovative Smart Factory software (KT Pulse) and Kyzen events supported by experienced lean manufacturing consultants (KT Consulting).  

KT-Pulse optimises how to capture, analyse and visualise manufacturing performance data. KT-Pulse is specially targeted at operator driven production environments with a heavy reliance on people e.g. medical devices, pharma, electronic and food sectors.
ClubSpot helps volunteer run sports clubs reduce the administration burden on the volunteers, grow their revenues and also promote engagement and inclusivity within these clubs.
ROVE is a technology company providing trip planning and an online booking platform for the experiential and adventure-based travel sector. Its objective is to make active and experience-based travel more accessible.
Frequency Communications Ltd is building the first aviation operations specific  communication and collaboration platform optimised for delay and disruption management. Delays cost airlines over €22bn annually (prior to Covid-19)Frequency allows real time information sharing and distributed decision making, across the airlines operations, so that the right decisions are arrived at sooner.
OptaHaul is an innovative route optimisation solution for the dairy industry that provides logistics solutions for progressive companies.It specialises in providing tools to optimise the overall business performance. The solution saves time by being integrable with other logistic platforms including Excel.
Frisbee is the latest technology framework being spun-out from Zoosh. This IoT framework Retail supports retailer in capturing in-store customer behaviour using sensors & intelligent locators.
SkyCat is an affordable parachute product for quadcopters that makes sure that your copter is not hurting anyone and save your investment in case of an accident or loss of control.

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