Product Development

Integrate design and technology for a goal of growing your business
We are a team of experienced digital product designers, product managers, cloud experts, full-stack developers and commercialisation experts with passion and a proven track record with both designing and developing cloud native products.

We help our partners to realise their product vision with a dedicated product development team from Zoosh. We have high growth technology startups, mid size companies and larger enterprises among our partners, in European countries like the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Finland and Hungary.
You want to
Partner for digital product design & development
Leverage experience that built out for many years
Get a head start with all skills available on Day 1
Build your product on a world class, proven platform
Involve people who accomplished this many times
We help you
Get your product development team as a service through Zoosh
Use our SaaS framework to have a quick start and save time
Match your need with:
UX/IX design
Tech. product mgmt.
Agile product mgmt.
IaaS/PaaS Cloud platform
Front/Backend JS programming
Cross platform mobile programming
Data/Analytics/AI programming
Benefit from a cloud agnostic approach.
We are an official Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and SAP (SCP) partner.
30 cloud propositions built or being built since 2015
We make future products and services, and help our clients adapt and remain ahead in an increasingly complex world.
Digital Product Design Services
We offer services that cover everything starting out from the original idea to the delivery of the solution. We speak to real users, which helps us to understand how users will interact with products, allowing us to define better requirements.
Build Services
Our technology department designs and builds intuitive cloud business solutions on world-class, market leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and SAP Cloud Platform. Solutions built with open source technologies and microservice architecture.
We invest into early stage, high potential cloud startups and help them to successfully build their first MVP. These startups are typically led by non-technical founders, so called domain expert promoters who are specialised and knowledgeable in their industry.
Over the past two decades our experts worked in many industries. We are familiar with the core business of some specific markets, where we gained deeper industry knowledge:
Food /Meat / Dairy processing
Green Energy
Oil & Gas
Discrete manufacturing

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