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Supporting you throughout product design, development, build - and beyond

The expert team at Zoosh has the dynamism and expertise to help you turn your idea into a healthy, growing digital business. We have also built up considerable development experience from collaborating with companies of all shapes and sizes in a variety of sectors. 

At the core of our approach is a clear focus on design. We zero in on the needs of your users to create platforms that match their needs and requirements  – and which need much less fine-tuning after launch. Good for you. Good for us. 

And by designing intuitive applications, we can build simpler digital solutions which are easier to use, and less likely to need training or support once you launch them. 

So, come to Zoosh for total product research, design, development and build all from one source. We can give you access to all the tech experts and deep skillsets needed to create a world-class digital product or service together. Plus the peace of mind of knowing that your ongoing product management is in safe hands.

Cutting edge product development by design

It’s all about building a long-term relationship with you through our Product Development as a Service (PDaaS). 

We can help you realise your vision for a radical new product and help you bring it to market. Or devise a seamless solution to bring more streamlined internal processes to your business. So you can adapt to constant market changes and maintain your competitive advantage. 

We do all this by successfully combining design and cloud technology, and drawing on our skills, knowledge and experience in SaaS. We have fine-tuned our framework over time to enable us to deliver a quick start which saves you time. 

Thanks to our cloud-agnostic approach, our platforms can operate with any public cloud provider with minimal disruptions to your business. We partner with major vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and SAP. So we can efficiently scale our use of their cloud services and take advantage of different features and price structures.

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So what is design?

Design is not just how something looks, it’s how it works. 

We use Design Thinking to evaluate, redefine and improve your business operations both internally and on the customer-facing side of your company. Our emphasis on design can have a positive impact on your business profitability. 

Our Design Thinking looks at problems at all stages of your new product design and development. Interactive prototypes will help your stakeholders to fully understand our vision for your product or service and help you with internal buy-in.

We then develop a business strategy to help create a roadmap to your final finished product. Our designers will work closely with our development team throughout, to ensure the end product meets your specific requirements. Our Design Thinking approach encompasses:

Visual design - We focus on the overall aesthetics of products and brands, to create something that inspires positive emotions and translates across all platforms.

User experience design - We look closely at how the design will be used by your customers or teams on a daily basis. A product or service designed for your users will be more popular and used more frequently - which is good for business.

Service design - We examine your customer-facing systems and harmonise these to produce the required responses from your back office – perfect synergy.

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Product Studio with you through design, development, build - and beyond

Our combination of funding and digital product development offers a co-creation business model that redefines the meaning of partnerships.

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