UX Design

We create a user centered product or service which consequently leads to being more popular and frequently used, hence results in more successful business.

We focus on how the product will be used by its final users. The information structure, functionalities and the way the final look is presented allows the user to most efficiently use the service and therefore like it - so the business can thrive.
The basic principle of UX is empathizing with the customer(s)’ needs and their experience of using the service / product. This approach allows the business owner/provider to identify the key pain points and interests customers have in using the service - therefore in understanding how it could be improved for better, more frequent, more popular use - improving loyalty or growing user numbers
Today the customer experience of many services are based primarily on business logics of internal processes. They may serve the structure of business units but can prove rather challenging for users to understand or adjust to. The result is churning customers.
UX helps translate the business need into an interface that makes it easy to use it for customers via iterations of research, synthesis, prototyping, usability testing. Applying Lean UX - an agile approach to UX - the process can save effort and resources for companies to come to a product or feature definition without any cost of development.
If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likeable person.

- Alan Cooper

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