Service Design

A design methodology that adapts a system thinking approach to evaluate, improve / re-define business operations on both the organisational and on the customer-facing side of business.
We take a system view on the various customer-facing legs of a service.

It helps the business sync them for a smooth and convenient customer experience,
We examine how a service is run on the organisation’s side.

What are the required backoffice processes and how they are managed.
In Service Design we introduce “empathy” not only on the customer-facing side - like UX - but also on the business side in an extended sense. We map out customer facing processes along with the connected organisational processes - or in the case of a new product-service, help the organization to design them from the ground up.
We touch upon more than “just the product”.
We extensively apply various design research methods in order to maximize customer insights in all aspects of a service provided: how they feel, see, experience it, what is bad, what is missing and how can the overall experience be improved.
We move beyond just the technical concerns
We include physical spaces, real human-to-human interaction and any sort of interface the customer touches upon while using the service. As a result the company may introduce a new customer calling-system or new chairs in the waiting room.
When you have two coffee shops next to each other, each selling the same coffee at the same price,

Service Design is what makes you walk into one and not the other.

- Marc Fonteijn, 31Volts

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