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Helping create the businesses that will change the world

Here at Zoosh, we pride ourselves on being investors, accelerators, creators. We create value for both dynamic start-ups and established brands through investment, cloud-native product creation and expert ongoing support. 

We provide an innovative and dynamic range of services to entrepreneurs like you. From funding to investment opportunities to a suite of product studio services - product development, cloud architectures, technical consultancy, app development, data management and analytics, migration, AI and machine learning and product development as a service (PDaaS). 

Our spectrum of services enables you to take advantage of the latest cloud technology to bring completely new digital products and services to market. Or empower you to optimise and maximise your existing business processes to achieve greater profitability. 

In short, we are full-service cloud venture builders. We help build businesses that change the status quo and make the world that little bit better.

So why are Zoosh different?

We take a radical new approach to supporting early stage digital ventures. 

We focus on deep design thinking and take an agile approach to product development. At the heart of what we do are innovative services that support the initial concept stage through to product development, and find the funding to build your product and go to market. 

Throughout the process, we partner with specially chosen venture technology experts. These unique people provide highly skilled, cutting edge cloud design, system architecture and software development which focuses on usability, innovation and scalability. 

So as your company grows, your cloud product or services will grow and adapt seamlessly.

Zoosh co-creation model - Funding, Design, Technology

The funding to turn your idea into digital reality

Zoosh are full-service cloud venture builders with a collaborative mindset at our core. 

Our combination of funding and digital product development offers you a co-creation business model that redefines the way we will work with you. This simply means that from funding to market research, development to ongoing management of your product, we’re right there with you throughout the journey. 

In fact, we work closely with European cloud technology start-ups on product build, entrepreneurial development and growth strategy. This helps to increase the value of the new venture at every step of the process.

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Software Development for Startups to established brands
Product Studio with you through design, development, build - and beyond

A Product Studio with you through design, development, build - and beyond

At the core of our approach is a clear focus on design. We zero in on the needs of your users to create platforms that dramatically increase customer engagement – and which need much less fine tuning after launch. Good for you. Good for us. 

So, come to Zoosh for total product research, design, development and build all from one source. We can give you access to all the tech experts and deep knowledge you need to create a world-class digital product or service. And you have the reassurance that we will always be there with ongoing product management. Your new product is in safe hands.  

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Investing in the digital businesses of the future

A key part of what we do for ambitious entrepreneurs with smart ideas is invest in them through our network of angel investors and our Zoosh Investment Partnership (ZIP). This provides early stage funding for high potential, pre-seed and concept stage European technology and cloud start-ups. 

The ZIP is a good way for non-traditional tech investors to dip their toes into the technology investments world. It gives investors exposure to a diverse portfolio of around eight to 14 separate start-up investments. It’s an excellent opportunity to play an active role in seeing innovative ideas transformed into successful, growing and established online businesses.

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