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At Zoosh we want to ensure you have expert information at your fingertips to help you succeed at launching your digital product. In this section you will find whitepapers, webinars, eBooks and more — all aimed at helping you realize the potential of your great ideas. 

Product Manager's Guide to UX Design

Reading this whitepaper you will learn:

How to evolve your product incrementally
Introduce your product with an inspiring baseline feature set and continuously improve it based on market input.
Understand how to discover end users' goals
Find out how to research end users and understand their behaviours and everyday goals.
Translate research findings into a market proven roadmap
Find out how to use your research findings to create a prioritised roadmap of features.
Find out more about why
UX Design is important
Effective design leads to the creation of great products and services.

Designing Secure Business Applications with Amazon Web Services

Reading this whitepaper you will learn:

How to design a secure app with AWSLearn what general security principles one should consider and which Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools and service products from AWS could help in designing and building a secure system
Security benefits with AWSAmazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the biggest and most innovative cloud provider on the market. AWS is compliant with many industry standards and their data centers are even physically secured and guarded. This means, that any customer moving to the AWS cloud automatically gets these (security and other) benefits.
How to reduce your spending on technology stackBeing a big player means that AWS can invest on keeping its infrastructure and security up-to-date. In simple words, whenever a vulnerability is detected and patched, all customers using the managed services are automatically and immediately protected.
Find out more about
Designing Secure Applications with AWS
How to improve security while reducing costs

Game of Apps

By playing the Game of Apps, you’ll be able to:

Get some insight into the cloud business app industry
Get some insight into the cloud business app industry and how cutting edge technologies like IoT can be incorporated
Evaluate innovative cloud business applications
Evaluate innovative cloud business applications
Pick the winner based on the level of ...
You pick the winner
Be a judge on the “Game of Apps’ by filling out the form above and unlock the possibilities of cloud business application development
Realize the potential of great ideas
Effective design leads to the creation of great products and services.

Design Thinking Webinar

View our webinar recording to understand how a design thinking approach can help you to achieve better business benefits by making your software simpler and easier to use. Zoosh Digital works with partners using design thinking methodology to realize the potential of great ideas.

Why design thinking leads to less re-work and change requests, lower training and support costs and better quality software that your employees and customers will love.
Learnings from organisations that have followed this approach successfully.
Practical steps for how you can implement a design thinking approach on your next digital innovation initiative.
Innovate with SAP and Design Thinking
Understand Design Thinking and achieve better business.