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Case study

Creating a sustainable future through eco-smart technology

Changing the world through green technology.

myenergi is a British company founded by Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton. Lee had previously founded another sustainable energy company, 4eco. Lee is a well regarded inventor in the green tech space and Jordan is a commercially oriented marketeer who has successfully taken their product to a global market. They announced the appointment of Dr. Chris Horne to their leadership team just under two years ago. Dr. Chris has been instrumental in wrapping a digital innovation layer around myenergi’s hardware product offering.

The start up’s mission is to create a sustainable future through their eco-smart technology. Bring smart and green products to market that “pay for themselves” by leveraging excess energy produced by microgeneration facilities, such as solar PV, wind turbines and hydro electric generators. The excess energy can be routed to create hot water, into battery storage for home use or employed to charge an electric vehicle.

myenergi were looking for a digital design and software partner with an edge when it comes to thinking outside the box. They needed a partner that could help them navigate from a proprietary, ageing and self-hosted server setup, to an elastic and scalable contemporary mainstream cloud solution and a connecting mobile app. The partner of choice should extrapolate intricate detail from a very complex inter-operating smart hardware environment and translate this complexity into an intuitive interactive experience for end-users of the appliances.


Setup a product development team consisting of project manager, product owner, user experience designer, cloud architect, lead developer, full-stack developers and mobile& smart assistant developer.

Our experts worked closely with the myenergi team to define the product roadmap, product backlog and mental model of the entire ecosystem.

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The myenergi product suite has been met with significant market enthusiasm, has won numerous awards and featured on Robert Llewellyn’s (of Red Dwarf fame) critically acclaimed Fully Charged series on YouTube, which focuse son advancements with green technology. myenergi’s business is now growing by close to ten thousand new customers per month.

I have found the Zoosh team to be proactive and very highly engaged, quick to understand our requirements and to provide innovative ways to deliver them effectively. The designs of the user interface in the app have been particularly effective.

Dr Chris Horne CEng FIET
Chief Technology Officer

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