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Batch Release Management

Zoosh Batch Release Management system will provide Pharma intelligence in Quality Management, all in one place.

Within the Pharma industry, there are many product-related challenges and the need to meet regulatory compliance. Zoosh Batch Release Management platform will provide a single point of truth for Product and Batch Data.

Automatic evaluation batch along with authorised requirements means the Quality Assurance team will have access to all the information without the need to search through batch sheets, validation reports and lab data.

Real-time batch data will minimise risks and improve efficiencies, as decisions can be made quicker, batch production can be optimised and stock can be efficiently managed.

batch release management software

Product Intelligence Modules

Batch release management modules

Product Intelligence Software

Choose GMP integration versus IT integration

Pharma specific solution

  • Pre-built batch release, production planning, GMP change control activities
  • Product,  GxP Activity KPI analysis with ISOIDMP harmonisation
  • Support horizontal, vertical supply chain integration
  • Reports based Substance, MA, Medicinal product, Pharmaceutical product, Manufactured product
Cloud-Native solutions provider

Full product lifecycle management

  • Bridge ERP – RIM – QMS product knowledge to common platform
  • Integrate development, change both on process and documentation aspects
  • Track every batch throughout the lifecycle

Flexibility and Scalability

  • No force single product identifier rather match them
  • Configurable  batch, specification characteristics
  • Multilevel specification mapping (Labor, Dossier, Partner)
  • Pre-defined source system interfaces (eg. SAP)

Software to support everyday decisions

  • Connect processes
    - From Development, Submission, Production planning, Quality control, Quality event handling, Batch Release to Logistics
  • Enterprise product definition
    - Mapping department specific product definitions (PV, RA, sales, logistic)
  • Product lifecycle management
    - From change request, development, submission to batch release
  • Batch information hub
    - Show all batch characteristics, production data
  • Batch Release, Production availability check
    - Evaluate batch characteristics with authorised specification
    - Multi level specification mapping (lab test – 3.2.P.5.1)
    - Link quality event decisions to product batch selection
  • Product related - Quality Performance analysis

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