Zoosh Milk Collection
An innovative route optimisation solution for the dairy industry


Processors in the dairy industry face many challenges when it comes to the procurement and collection of milk. The issue extends beyond simply choosing the best route for milk lorries as there are factors other than physical distance which need to be considered.

Production at farms depends on a number of elements including calving, weather and diseases. In addition, milk quantities required at processing factories can vary.

Dairy farms can have different pumping technologies (e.g. pump, voltage) and storage capacity, all of which influence the types of milk lorries that they are able to serve. Likewise, milk lorries themselves have different capabilities for milk transportation.

Agreed collection times of farms and dairy factories also need to be considered, as well as delays from the production end or indeed traffic congestion which may result in late arrivals and customer dissatisfaction.

Many, if not all, of these concerns can be eliminated / controlled with proper route optimisation planning.

What if you could...

Reduce transportation cost
Avoid delays and congestion of trucks at farmers and dairy factories
Analyse the business impact on milk procurement and collection for dairy production changes such as factory downtime, maintenance, new factory or expansion of an existing factory
Forecast business performance and make decisions driven by actual data
Reduce back office workload related to planning, optimisation, reporting and tracking of milk collection
Zoosh Milk Collection
Our solution can take into account various factors like farmer, dairy factory and lorry specific parameters for milk collection plans.
The algorithm employed optimises milk collection plans automatically on a daily basis. Plans can also be exported into MS Excel.
Costs can be analysed for the overall plan or for specific factories.
Simulations can be run allowing you to model potential changes to your logistics planning without the need for a separate solution.
Works with industry leading map data providers (e.g. TomTom, HERE, ESRI)
The solution is powered by  SAP Cloud Platform and supports seamless integration to ERP.
Compare CO2 emissions for different routes and plans
Key Takeaways
In milk procurement it is never just about finding the shortest route. The Zoosh Milk Collection solution takes into consideration a vast array of other factors, e.g. capacity of trucks, compatibility between farms and trucks, time windows, capacity and milk quality preference of factories, roads limitation etc.
To provide best results Zoosh has employed several map providers, each having different limitations regarding automatic route planning (e.g. outdated road structure, missing road limitations, suboptimal support for trucks etc.). Following the initial optimisation run, users can then manually fine-tune individual route fragments if needed, providing maximum flexibility, increased accuracy and enhanced user experience.

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