The Entrepreneur Series


Online Panel Discussion, Thursday, 11th March, 10am to 11am (GMT).

From Concept to Seed (HPSU)

Introducing, the Entrepreneur series; a series of online events where we (virtually) sit down with entrepreneurs to discuss their journeys. This webinar will investigate the founder’s journey from their initial idea through to successfully raising a High Potential StartUp (HPSU) seed round. It will explore this early-stage funding challenges from both the founders and the investors perspectives.

Our first online panel event will be hosted by Bert Farrell, one of the co-founders of Zoosh Group. In this online event, our guest panel will include:

Brian Kearney - Rove
Brian Kearney
Founder at Rove
John Hyland - Clubspot
John Hyland
Founder at ClubSpot
Justin Perry - Frequency
Justin Perry
Co-founder at Frequency
Darach O'Comhrai - Frequency
Darach O'Comhrai
Founder at Frequency

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