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Zoosh Update: We're hiring in 2020!

Mervyn Graham
October 19, 2020

Right, so Zoosh Digital has recruited tens of people (directly and indirectly) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are we crazy or lucky, you ask?

Well, the honest answer is that we're perhaps a bit of both. Read on.

I've had several colleagues from my former professional life, several customers and indeed our partners & portfolio companies ask me "how's business impacted for you?". I figured that this topic, given its relevance for us collectively, is worth a moment or indeed two with MeRv.

There are multiple parts to this story, from the Zoosh Digital perspective, that would have you categorise the impact of COVID-19 as a ‘mixed bag’. Have we lost business? Yes, is the short answer. It is no surprise that many companies have been gravely impacted by the restrictions on business that are mandated as part of the COVID-19 containment response. Many of these companies have seen their business lose considerable - or almost all - revenue overnight, quite literally. Understandably, instinct in such unprecedented circumstances is to halt expenditure and the focus shifts to self-preservation. Our survival instincts require us to ration the sustenance (i.e. money in the bank) in order to weather the storm, and in the hope that we see better times down the line.

OK, so that's not necessarily great news. So, why are we hiring? - This is where the luck comes in for Zoosh Digital.

Zoosh, as a digital software venture and product builder, has, by design (so manufactured luck to an extent), positioned itself as an industry agnostic innovator. In practice, this has meant that while specific sectors have been impacted very negatively by COVID-19, other areas have seen surges in demand. This spike in demand has required that organisations swiftly innovate to allow for better planning, more effective use of resources or to capitalise on new and fast-moving business opportunities. These sectors, like pharma, food production, sustainability, e-commerce, etc., now need to focus on digital innovation more than ever, and Zoosh Digital is, for them, a critical enabler for such. We're also confident that our clients that have been most impacted by the pandemic will recover quickly and we'll support them in whatever capacity we can. Meanwhile, post-COVID (whatever that means), we anticipate an exponentially increased demand for digital innovation and acceleration towards digital transformation for most organisations.

So, we're hiring because Zoosh Digital's world has changed with that of our clients and perhaps against all intuition, we find ourselves growing at an ever-increasing pace. As such, we're looking for talented commercially and entrepreneurially tuned individuals to join our sales and marketing team, while we're also looking for those individuals with product/project management, design or technical bend to join our innovation delivery team. We're recruiting in the UK, Ireland and Central & East Europe currently.

If the Zoosh Digital story resonates with you and you feel that you can contribute positively to the imminent swell in demand for digital product innovation, please do reach out to myself or any of the Zoosh Digital team members. I promise we're an approachable sort. You might get lucky, and as a consequence, so might we. Why not create some of your own luck?


Chief Revenue Officer (Ireland): Apply here

Chief Revenue Officer (UK): Apply here

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