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Zoosh officially launches its UK office

Mervyn Graham
February 26, 2021

2020 was no doubt a year to remember for all the wrong reasons and on a personal level. We've all, no doubt, suffered much personal and life experience losses over the year.

However, for Zoosh as a business, it was another year of significant growth for our company. We consciously and successfully focused on building our presence in the UK and Ireland markets in a coordinated effort from our HQ in Ireland. However, it's now time to demonstrate a further commitment to this region and, accordingly, establish ourselves firmly on the ground in the UK.

As such, it is with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of Zoosh Digital UK and, with it, the appointment of a new leader on our team from 1st of March. Souvik Dutta, an exceptional people and business leader in the technology space, will establish our on the ground UK presence. Souvik will have a dual role as UK Country Manager and will be the Head of Business Development for the Zoosh Group, incorporating Zoosh venture and product development alongside our professional services offering.

Souvik's initial objectives will be to reinforce our relationships with our fantastic UK based partners and customers while simultaneously recruiting sales & marketing professionals to join our UK team. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you fancy joining this exciting movement (www.zooshgroup.com/careers).

Speaking on a personal level and having worked alongside Souvik in a previous professional life, I'm humbled that Souvik now joins us and I am confident that he will play a significant role in crafting the future of Zoosh. So, please join me in welcoming him to the Zoosh family and reach out to him if you'd like to hear more about his plans.

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