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Vendit - Another successful fund raise

Bert Farrell
July 9, 2018

Vendit, a Zoosh Venture company, has recently announced that it has successfully closed its latest funding round. The new funds will be used for business and channel development as well as continued development of its feature rich roadmap. 

Vendit is a cloud-based software as a service company that supports online retailers sell complex and feature rich products and services. The Vendit solution helps retailers increase their customer conversion rates by integrating to their online stores and connecting qualified sales people with prospective customers. The online interaction between the sales person and the customer recreates the in-store face to face communication process. Vendit uniquely introduces collaborative shopping cart management to support a novel interaction between the buyer and seller to increase customer confidence with the chosen product. The Vendit solution also enables the seller to recommend product/service combinations or complementary add-ons which appears on the buyer's screen in real time. With a simple click, the buyer can add recommended items to the customer’s shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Vendit also allows for building a virtual sales force, a community of online sales experts to support the growing need for human interaction to differentiate the brand and to increase customer loyalty and sales efficiency in an online environment.