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Say hello to the new Zoosh

Balázs Bakos

The last 18 months have certainly been different. Nevertheless, we’ve stayed focused and have been rather busy here at Zoosh.

Throughout these 18 months, our innovative spirit has helped us to drive our partners’ businesses forward and Zoosh itself has grown as a company, not only in size but in experience as well. Our team has expanded during this period, and we reinforced our commitment to the UK market by establishing offices and a team there to support current and new UK based partners.

We’re changing

We’ve also used this time as an opportunity to reappraise how we appear to the world. We’ve always been clear in our strategy, goals, and aspirations, but we felt we needed a brand that truly reflects us as a company, as we continue on our journey.  

The decision was made to invest in our brand, creating a completely new corporate visual identity that accurately portrays our ethos, vision, and the way we work as we move forward.

We’ve invested a lot of time and resources and carried out a total company rebrand working with our partner, Threerooms, based in Nottingham, UK. They’ve helped us turn our vision and culture into the new brand you see today.

Throughout this rebranding journey, we consulted with our partners, employees, stakeholders  and asked for their feedback before agreeing on a radically new creative approach. Co-creation, or design thinking, is at the core of our working philosophy and without exception, this approach has been leveraged on this identity exercise, just as we would do with our client partners.

So what’s new and why?

A new corporate video

We wanted a new corporate video with a funky soundtrack that portrays both our personality and all the different services Zoosh has to offer.

A new logo

We liked the old logo, but we’ve outgrown it. It no longer represents Zoosh as we are now, what we do and where we’re going.

We want to be renowned as the most innovative and successful digital venture builder around. Our vision is to help even more ambitious ideas enter the market and accordingly, benefit the world. The new logo is more creative, unconventional, and dynamic - just like us. It presents a new “angle” in regard to Zoosh, demonstrates our growth lean and is future-proofed like everything we do.

A new website

Our website has been totally reimagined to reflect our vision and culture.

It’s been restructured and redesigned to encapsulate the new Zoosh brand and everything that we do as a business. It zeroes in on the three different strands of our business - Digital Services, Venture Builder and Products - and the benefits you will derive from the unique way they interlink and reinforce each other.

Above all, it makes people more aware of Zoosh and the technical, design and commercial expertise of our genuinely world-class team.

And a new Zoosh

So why have we revolutionised our brand? We want to introduce the new Zoosh with a bold new look which reflects our market-leading creativity and capabilities.

We want to make Zoosh more visible and relevant to prospective clients. And we want to reflect our unique personality and vibrant working culture, to help us attract the very best talent out there. And the very best partners too, of course.

If you have any questions, want to know more or would like to chat, get in touch with the Zoosh team today.