Zoosh Case Studies

Prevent Software User Frustration
We design and build user-friendly software that increases stickiness and makes them lovable. Well-designed software and cloud services will make things easier for the user and inspire them to purchase the software and recommend it to others.Check out some of our case studies of the industries we’ve helped to improve:


We help your business to grow by addressing and delighting mobile customers with personalised engagements.

Live Events

Optimizing fan experience for live events is the key pillar for the long term commercial success of event organizers and owners.


Get the most from your product by connecting it to the cloud and embracing its ever more mobile users.

Innovative work

Digital ticketing revolution
Innovation around ticket fulfilment and security were key to Tixserve's success and to ensure that fans are never cheated again. Related innovations have materialised in the way digital tickets are delivered, transferred, consumed at venues and used to enhance event goer experience.
Patrick Kirby
MD Tixserve
Zoosh enabled Tixserve to accelerate to the proof of concept and product validation stage. The platform build is on schedule to go live with our first customer just eight months after Zoosh came on board. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Zoosh team, the project is bristling with defensible IP that will be a source of competitive advantage for Tixserve.
Making I.T. Count
This solution hosts a cocktail of complex computer vision algorithms to assist with the analysis of traffic flow through junctions. Idaso has evolved to embrace deep neural learning technologies that accommodate for enhanced automation of computer vision related use-cases.
Ian Kerr
Their expert software design and development teams deliver fantastic products by turning abstract thoughts into real solutions, whilst their senior management team offer practical strategic guidance along the perilous journey that every Start Up company must take.
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Inspiring HW Experience
This solution required the development of native Android and iOS applications to monitor the performance of renewable energy plants such as wind turbines or solar panels and the redirection of surplus energy to immersion heaters for domestic hot water production.
Lee Sutton
Tech. Dir. 4eco
We approached Zoosh with a need for a mobile app for our existing web portal. Mervyn suggested we should take the opportunity to look at improving the interface. The first concept drawings were so far from our existing web portal, much more appealing to the eye and more professional - we loved it!
4eco screenshot
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Profile 90
Sports Talent Identification
Profile 90 needed to improve how players are recruited and lower the significant costs of training the wrong players. Zoosh’s thorough research insights resulted in a transformative digital solution to the problems of traditional sports talent scouting, showing how technology could augment the recruitment process. A mobile experience supports psychometric testing early in the process so that scouts can focus on players with the right mindset.
Trev Keane
Profile90 /
Zoosh have been nothing short of superb since then we have engaged with them. Mervyn and the team really understand the world of user experience, design and technology. Not only that but they understood our concept and helped us to develop a state of the art prototype, one that has led to interest from the biggest football clubs in the world.
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In-Store Experience Online
JimmsPC required a chat service that provides in-store experience online, aimed for their online web store. Zoosh's customer service solution with an integrated chat and online sales counter allows you to choose from multiple sales people, a favourite salesperson, and a specialist. It will also help you while you are browsing and recommend other offers.
Antti Järvinen
Finally, I can analyse my online sales team performance on an individual basis. We can set clear targets for our customer service, and real-time reporting helps us to reach those targets. We also get a lot of good feedback from our customers who love the ease with which they can contact us and receive expert advice. Overall, the service is a great addition to both sales performance and customer satisfaction which are primary missions in our company strategy.
Production Lines
Kyzen management already used an SAP solution to monitor various performance indicators from the factory floor. These metrics were being collected on paper, which was quite inefficient and error prone. As the SAP UI is not designed for the factory floor context, the solution was a self reporting tool in the form of a custom touch screen app that integrates into their existing SAP management reporting tools. Large buttons can easily be pressed by workers to record their progress.
Anthony Cahill
Zoosh expertly translated our user requirements into a fully functional product in just 5 months. Not only that, but their expertise in software architecture, development and user experience helped create a product that we can proudly stand over, helping us to turn pilot customers into early adopters.
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