Designing Intuituve and Loveable User User Experiences

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At Zoosh, we’ll help you design and build digital products that are best suited for your business, using cloud and mobile development services, Internet of Things, and real-time location technologies.

Reading This Guide Will Help You Learn The Following:

How to evlove your product incrementally
Introduce your product with an inspiring baseline feature set and continuously improve it based on market input.
Understand how to discover end users' goals
Find out how to research end users and understand their behaviours and everyday goals.
Translate research findings into a market proven roadmap
Find out how to use your research findings to create a prioritised roadmap of features.

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Zoosh enabled Tixserve to accelerate to the proof of concept and product validation stage. The platform build is on schedule to go live with our first customer just eight months after Zoosh came on board. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Zoosh team, the project is bristling with defensible IP that will be a source of competitive advantage for Tixserve.
Patrick Kirby - MD Tixserve
Their expert software design and development teams deliver fantastic products by turning abstract thoughts into real solutions, whilst their senior management team offer practical strategic guidance along the perilous journey that every Start Up company must take.
Ian Kerr - Idaso
We approached Zoosh with a need for a mobile app for our existing web portal. Mervyn suggested we should take the opportunity to look at improving the interface. The first concept drawings were so far from our existing web portal, much more appealing to the eye and more professional - we loved it!
Lee Sutton - Technical Director of 4eco
Zoosh expertly translated our user requirements into a fully functional product in just 5 months. Not only that, but their expertise in software architecture, development and user experience helped create a product that we can proudly stand over, helping us to turn pilot customers into early adopters.
Anthony Cahill - Kyzen
Zoosh have been nothing short of superb since then we have engaged with them. Mervyn and the team really understand the world of user experience, design and technology. Not only that but they understood our concept and helped us to develop a state of the art prototype, one that has led to interest from the biggest football clubs in the world.
Trev Keane - Co-Founder at Profile90/Sportego
Zoosh did a great job for our Sales Chat platform. A professional team was put together within days to work proactively, shaping the solution in agile from the start. A great deal of business support provided by senior management of Zoosh helped us to keep our heads clear to avoid typical start-up problems by following best practices.
Akos Nemeth-Buhin - Vendit